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Lahore Smart City

66Lahore Smart City is a developmental endeavor to add to the urban landscape of Punjab’s capital, Lahore. It is a smart housing project that aims at making life sustainable and user-friendly. It is a speedy developing project that has seen progress in a relatively lesser period of time. What makes it special is its access to different areas of Lahore using five major link roads.

It is a futuristic project that aims to provide eco-friendly living amidst the changing climate of South Asia. It is being developed by Habib Rafique Pvt. Limited and Future Development Holdings Pvt. Limited. What adds further to the specialty of this housing project is its approval from Lahore Development Authority. The developers have acquired an approximate area of 20,000 Kanal, while the rest will be acquired soon
It is a tremendous investment opportunity for those who want the real estate for commercial or residential needs. Here is a brief overview of Lahore Smart City, its master plan, location, payment plan, and other relevant details. It will help the reader choose a plot according to their needs.

Lahore Smart City – Owners and Developers

Lahore Smart City is a joint venture by Habib Rafique Pvt. Limited and Future Development Holdings Pvt. Limited. The two groups have joined hands to work on smart projects that not only save resources but also aim at making living sustainable. They have previously worked on Capital Smart City Islamabad and will make this project another example of successful completion.

They have focused on Lahore to ensure that its residents get an equal opportunity to enjoy smart living. It will offer an international level living experience to the inmates, guaranteeing the quality of services people avail in metropolises. They have outsourced the design project to Surbana Jurong (S.J.), a Singapore-based company that has global experience in real estate planning.

Habib Rafique Limited is a known name in real estate development and management. It has provided quality services in different areas of Pakistan, earning a name of trust.
Future Development Holdings Pvt. Limited is a combination of two real estate companies viz. China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Limited (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL). FDHL was registered back in 1984 and has continued to serve customers since then.

Design Consultants
There are various design consultants that are offering services in the development of Lahore Smart City. Some of the names are given as follows.
• Cracknell
• Troon Golf
• Surbana Jurong
• Smart Future
• Arquivio Architects
• DSA Architects International Company

Lahore Smart City – Location :

Lahore Smart City location is considered prime because of the multiple access points. It can be accessed from Lahore Bypass, N-5 National Highway Kala Shah Kaku Railway Station, G.T. Road, M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, and Lahore-Sialkot Motorway.
Lahore Smart City location makes it one of the ideal commercial investments because of being easily commutable from different parts of Lahore. It offers the same opportunity to residential investors who won’t face any problems regarding accessibility. It can also be accessed from Lahore Ring Road.
UET Lahore (New Campus), DHA Lahore, and Allama Iqbal International Airport are at a few minutes drive from LSC.
LSC is one of the most accessible housing projects in Lahore, some of them easily accessible points from it are given as follows.
• Lahore Bypass
• G.T. Road (4-minute drive)
• M-2 Motorway (5-minute drive)
• M-11 (10-minute drive)
• Lahore-Sargodha Road (11-minute drive)
• Lahore Ring Road (22-minute drive)
Nearby Landmarks and Places
Some of the important landmarks near LSC include the following.
• Kala Shah Kaku
• UET New Campus
• Allama Iqbal International Airport
• Rana Town
• Shahdara
• Badshahi Mosque

Lahore Smart City – NOC:

Lahore Smart City NOC has been approved by Lahore Development Authority. It is a safe investment as it offers a reliable opportunity for investment.
Lahore Smart City – Master Plan
The developers of Lahore Smart City haven’t shared the complete details regarding the master plan. Lahore Smart City master plan has been designed by Surbana Jurong. Norman Foster, a renowned designer, has worked on its master plan.
The master plan for LSC has been designed keeping in view the issues like population density, climate issues, and other related requisites. An area of 20,000 Kanal has been acquired for development. It includes both residential and commercial plots so that all basic life needs are catered to in the precincts of LSC. Different residential blocks will fulfill the residential needs of the investors.

Lahore Smart City Residential Plots :

There are different sizes of residential plots available in Lahore Smart City. These include the following.
• 05 Marla
• 07 Marla
• 10 Marla
• 12 Marla
• 01 Kanal
Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots:

There are four different sizes of commercial plots available in LSC. These include the following.
• 04 Marla
• 08 Marla
• 2.66 Marla
• 06 Marla

Lahore Smart City New Commercial Plots:


The value of plot  2.66 marlas is 6,900,000 PKR. The booking is just 690,000 PKR. The confirmation fee after one month is 690,000 PKR with 12 quarterly payments of 460,000 PKR

The value of plot 6 marlas is 16,800,000 PKR. However, the booking is just 1,680,000 PKR. Therefore, the confirmation fee after one month is 1,680,000 PKR with 12 quarterly payments of 1,120,000 PKR.

Districts of Lahore Smart City

LSC has been divided into various districts which will cater to the needs of the inmates. The details of these districts are given as follows.

Overseas Block
It is a residential block specially designed for overseas Pakistanis. It will have villas and residential plots. Those with dual nationality or NICOP will be able to apply for this block. It offers all amenities that the investors can avail themselves of in metropolises. It will have restaurants, commercial areas, educational institutions, etc.

Executive Block
It is also a residential block that will have residential houses and apartments. Along with that, it will have a retail area, park, jogging area, mosque, hyper-mart, etc. It will offer a bit fancier services compared to General Block.

LSC offers farmhouses to those who want to have scenic houses. There are 1 and 2 Kanal farmhouses available. These can be used for various purposes.

Healthcare District
The Healthcare District is mainly focused on providing quality health services to the investors. It will have a major hospital with 500 beds and will offer health services of different kinds. It will also have residential plots and a retail area.

Sports District
LSC Sports District is aimed at providing quality sports grounds and other related services. It will have a football ground, cricket stadium, badminton court, etc.
Silicon Valley
The developers of Lahore Smart City are aware of the growing tech needs. It will have a specified block for this purpose which will serve I.T. experts and those who will have expertise in related fields. This block will also have residential plots.

Education District
Educational institutions are a need, and LSC developers have kept it in view. There will be an exclusive block for this purpose which will have different educational institutions.

Gate Precinct
It is the block right at the entry point of the LSC. It will have different commercial and residential plots that will bring huge commercial benefits to the investors.

Commercial District
The financial square of LSC will cater to the commercial needs of the investors. It will offer products and services of the highest quality. There are different plot sizes available to the investors in this block.

Lahore Smart City – Payment Plan

The developers of Lahore Smart City have carefully designed the payment plan. Lahore Smart City’s payment plan was revised after pre-launch rates. It offers lots of different categories at affordable prices. The details are given as follows.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan – Residential Plots
The developers have announced two distinct types of plots in LSC. One of the two is residential plots. These are available at a 10% down payment, while the customer would have to pay a 10% confirmation fee in sixty days.

The customers can pay the remaining amount in 3 years. There are 14 quarterly instalments for the remaining amount. The details for each block are given as follows.

Executive Block :
Executive Block has five different plot categories available to the investors. These are given as follows.
• 5 marla plot for PKR 2,685,000
• 7 marla plot for PKR 3,490,000
• 10 marla plot for PKR 4,945,000
• 12 marla plot for PKR 5,425,000
• 1 Kanal plot for 8,050,000

Overseas Block :
Overseas Block LSC offers five different plot types. These are given as follows.
• 5 marla plot for PKR 2,845,000
• 7 marla plot for PKR 3,700,000
• 10 marla plot for PKR 5,325,000
• 12 marla plot for PKR 5,750,000
• 1 Kanal plot for PKR 8,490,000
The developers have planned the payment to be completed in 3 years. It includes plots of all categories. There are 14 quarterly instalments for the investors during which they would be easily able to pay the required amount. The booking amount is 20% of the total value.

Note. :
There is a total of 10% extra amount on specific plots, which include the following. These include corner plots, main road plots, park-facing plots, etc.
If the plot is on a 100 ft. boulevard or above, the customers would have to pay an extra 15%.
The customers will get a 10% rebate on one-time payment.
If the plot size is above five marla, the customers would have to pay PKR 15,000 as a reservation fee.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan – Commercial Plots

Commercial plots are available in two blocks of LSC. These include the Overseas Block and Executive Block. Their details are given as follows.
Executive Block
• 4 marla plot is available for PKR 8,950,000
• 8 marla plot is available for PKR 17,450,000
Overseas Block
• 4 marla plot is available for PKR 9,450,000
• 8 marla plot is available for PKR 17,950,000

Procedure to Book a Plot in Lahore Smart City
It is easy to book a plot in Lahore Smart City. The customers would need to fulfill the following requirements.
• Preparing a pay order in favor of Lahore Smart City
• Downloading, printing, and filling the form
• Bringing original documents for verification
• Submission of documents and file for verification

Once the process is complete, the documents will be dispatched in 30 days to the investor.

Documents Required to Book a Plot
The customer will need the following documents to book a plot in Lahore Smart City. These are given as follows.
• 2 Passport size pictures
• 2 NICOP/CNIC Copies
• Nominee’s CNIC Copies
• Booking amount
• Booking form
Once these documents are submitted, the procedure for the booking of the plot will proceed.

What makes it a smart city?
Here are some features that make Lahore Smart City a smart residential project.
Economy, Housing, Environment
It is a project that will sustain its economy on a regional basis, providing expertise in various fields. It will offer original and sustainable talent.

Inclusive and Tech-drive Development
It will offer tech-based development that will give solutions to various problems. It will look for innovative solutions to the arising problems. It will ensure that the supply of electricity, gas, and other life necessities is made possible.

Job and Career Prospects:

LSC will attract career professionals from different areas while also offering employers opportunities. Thus, it will bring professionals and employers to the same platform, helping enhance opportunities.
Luxurious and Quality Living
It is being developed by international standard companies, thus making residence luxurious and of high quality.
Safety and Security.

Resident safety would be a high priority in LSC, and some of the measures for this purpose include boundary walls, security staff, CCTC cameras, etc.
LSC would be a sustainable project, lowering the environmental impact. Thus, it will help reduce the negative impacts of unhealthy living.

Salient Features of Lahore Smart City:

Some of the salient features of LSC are given as follows.
• Eco-friendly living
• Fool-Proof Security
• Lush Green City
• Uninterrupted supply of water, gas, and electricity
• Metrobus and other transport options
• World-class hotels and restaurants
• Golf Course
• Resorts
• Easy Access from Lahore
• Entertainment Facilities
• Parks and other natural landscaping facilities
• Luxury-oriented Infrastructure
Along with these, there are other various features that make LSC an ideal housing project.


Lahore Smart City is a residential housing project based in Lahore. It is being developed by FDHL and HRL in collaboration with international companies. It is one of the few smart housing projects in Pakistan. The customers can invest in LSC by visiting the head office or any other authorized dealer.


• What is Lahore Smart City?
Lahore Smart City is a residential housing project in Lahore near Kala Shah Kaku.
• How are Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City Islamabad similar?
Both of these have innovative features, making them smart housing projects.
• Who are the developers of Lahore Smart City?
Lahore Smart City is being developed by FDHL and HRL, expert real estate development and management companies.
• Where is Lahore Smart City located?
Lahore Smart City is located close to Lahore Bypass, while it can be accessed from Lahore Ring Road as well as G.T. Road Lahore.
• What is the NOC status of Lahore Smart City?
The NOC of Lahore Smart City has been approved by Lahore Development Authority.

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